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Getting Started

Can you Beta Test Brick and Mortar? Is e-commerce the right first step for you? Hints and Tips on choosing a location, smoke testing new products, selecting resources and generally minimizing risk when opening your store.

Four Tips on Getting Started from Two Brothers Just Starting Out

David and Meno Fernandez are two brothers starting out on the brick and mortar journey with a specialty coffee and tea shop in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.  We spoke with them about their first few months and what advice they would give anyone starting out in the business. 

Are You Smoke Testing Your Business?

A Smoke Test is a fantastic tool to help you figure out if a new idea is really as great as you first thought. Originally an engineering term, Smoke Testing denotes an initial examination of a complex system to provide

Four Tips for Choosing the Right Location from Teaffee's David and Meno Fernandez

In a place like New York where rents are really high, you have to be able to get people through your door throughout the day.  Some locations will attract young professionals on their way to the subway...


Would a Rose by any other Name Smell as Sweet?

In a word, yes.  If you’re just starting out with a new tech product, naming is really not something you should be thinking about too much. There is a fairly strong chance that...

Running Your Store

What’s the ideal number of employees and when should they work? How can I automate billing and invoicing?  Answers to help you get to grips with marketing, operations, finance and technology and make your business run leaner than ever.

Fiscal Fitness for Local Business

As the weather gets cooler, it’s time to ensure your business is in great shape for fall. Just like keeping physically fit is key to personal health, it’s important to make your business fiscally fit. One of the best approaches to fiscal fitness is with lean retailing....

Drive Repeat Business With Email Marketing

The foundation of a successful business is repeat customers. Customer service and quality product will keep those customers coming through the door, but did you know you could extend good service to the inbox? Are you highlighting your newest product offerings no matter where your customers are?

Retailer’s Guide to SoLoMo – Social, Local & Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

SoLoMo, the ingenious term for the coming together of social, local and mobile marketing, is altering the way we use information to interact with the physical world.  In a world where 90% of people who search for a type of local business on a mobile phone then call or go to that type of business within the next 24 hours, local mobile marketing cannot be ignored.  

In Small Business, the Real Danger Is Not Making Enough Time

Of all those retailers that have been forced to close their doors, only a tiny percentage did so because of a lack of effort. The real danger to small business isn't putting in enough hours behind the counter, it's...

Why Brick and Mortar Businesses Should have an Online Presence

It’s no longer possible for brick-and-mortar businesses to succeed without engaging in online marketing. Nearly six trillion online display ads were published in 2012 – twelve times more than were published only one year prior....


How do you know when the time is right to take the plunge? Hiring Managers, empowering your teams to make decisions and managing multiple locations.

5 Things Retailers Need to Know About Health Care Reform and Employee Benefits

"Health care reform. Open enrollment. Benefits administration. Premium. FSA, HSA, HRA! Ahhhhh!" Don't worry--we get it. Insurance can feel like a complicated mess. We got to know that pretty intimately while building Maxwell, which is why we're so set on transforming the way businesses manage benefits for the better. Health care reform can be an especially thorny issue for small retailers, who are technically...

What is the ‘Retail Community’? Introducing Your 5 New Best Friends

The ‘Retail Community’ is, for many, an elusive concept.  Who should you be turning to for advice and support? What’s the value in having coffee with a supplier? The answer is that there is a huge amount of insight and information out there that’s ready for the taking - and most people are willing to share it with you for no more than the price of a coffee.