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The Lean Retailer Recommends

Lean Retail is all about making intelligent, data-led decisions and getting the best results even with limited resources. The right technology can absolutely make or break your ability to do that.

Jason Richelson

Point of Sale

The core of any brick and mortar store.  A simple, flexible and intelligent POS system is the foundation stone of your retail technology.

Simple to set-up and easy to use, ShopKeep POS is smart and intuitive point of sale system built by experienced merchant, Jason Richelson. Scan barcodes, take cash or credit, print or email receipts, all with cloud-based security. The BackOffice system provides sophisticated reporting and easy access to all your sales data. All supported by award winning customer care.


Office Management

These tools will take the headache and expense out of the day-to-day admin of your store. 

 Google Apps

Document Storage & Collaboration - For only $5 per month per user, you can set your business up with email, calendars and document sharing. Multiple users can access and update docs simultaneously, making this an absolutely essential app. For those looking to be data-led, the collaborative spreadsheets really let you get close to your info as a team. For those looking to bootstrap, they also make a decent early staff scheduling tool - although once you start scaling up, you will want to move to something more robust.


 Google Apps
 Ring Central

Business Phone System

Ring Central provide an inexpensive, easy to set up and easy to control business phone system with voice, fax and text.  The cloud-based service lets you easily integrate your smartphone and manage incoming calls in a professional manner. Worrying about phone systems is precisely the kind of thing that shouldn't be taking up your time.  With Ring Central it won't. 


 Ring Central

Back of House

A firm grasp on your financial data can help you make the right decision at the right time.  These technologies will help you do just that.  


Payables & Invoicing - Trust us when we say, you want your financials to be as automated as possible.  It’s crucial to get your Payables, Receivables and Cash Flow absolutely right and yet, this process is notoriously cumbersome. Bill.com makes it quicker and easier to get in control of managing your bills. It does invoicing, can set up auto-payment for recurring payments to suppliers and it synchs with quickbooks.  



Financials - QuickBooks is an absolute must for most small business today.  The cloud-based accounting software let’s you stay on top of your money like never before. Know who you owe and who owes you.  Speed through everyday tasks like invoicing, bookkeeping and billing.  Track expenses and sales throughout the year so tax time isn’t the burden it used to be.



Financials - RetailIntel is the kind of service that you will wonder how you ever did without.  It takes your point of sale system and integrates it directly into your accounting software.  Anyone who has ever fought through the daily tedium of manually reconciling all your data will want to add this tech to their roster.  



Employee Management

Employees are generally more productive if they are working shifts that work for them.  This software makes it easy for you and them to schedule your team's hours.  

 When To Work

Employee Scheduling - This online staff scheduling solution helps you manage when your staff will be there. You can help manage your staff by email or text, plan and cost out schedules and then distribute to staff. It also allows staff to login and swap shifts with approvals from managers.  This system can be a huge time saver - highly recommended. 


 When To Work


The days of coupons in the local newspaper are dead. Emails, Gift Cards and Loyalty programs are just the beginning. Technology offers you a whole host of new marketing opportunities.  

 Mad Mimi

Email Marketing - Create, send, share and track emails and engage your customers online. Retailers simple cannot afford to ignore the opportunities that email affords.  The great things about Mad Mimi is it designed for people who want email marketing to be simple. What are you waiting for...


 Mad Mimi
 Belly Card

Loyalty Marketing - As the old adage goes, it costs five times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.  Loyalty programs are a useful tool in a retailers arsenal to help create an ongoing, engaged relationship with their customers. Bellycard offers customized rewards for your most loyal customers as well as integrated email campaigns. As an added bonus it can help you gain Yel reviews &grow your Facebook presence too.


 Belly Card


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