How Yelp Reviews Work


You better believe that Yelp reviews can make or break a brick and mortar business.  

Nowadays more and more people are checking Yelp reviews before they frequent any business, especially cafes, bars and restaurants.  I've even seen customers walking away from a restaurant after checking reviews whilst stood outside.  

Yelp has a bad reputation amongst some Google+ circles (see what I did there?) as robbers of the local businesses they were designed to promote. While I don’t share this sentiment, we regularly host meetups with brick and mortar business owners and this a pretty good reflection of how they feel. The truth is, Yelp can actually be a really useful tool for a retailer. So, no matter what you may think about Yelp, it is time to get serious about understanding how their system works. 

Why Yelp Is Important

The days of ignoring Yelp are over. Especially if you want to rank for search terms on iPhones, which is pretty important when you consider how many people are out there checking reviews on the go.  

Apple has decided to kick Google Maps to the curb and use Yelp’s review system as a major component to how Siri finds searches on the next round of iPhones. Bing has also done a deal to include Yelp reviews in their Bing Local Pages, which will allow them to compete with Google+ Local’s integration of Zagat reviews. All of this means that Yelp now plays a much more sizable role in local search, especially in the mobile arena where 87% of users take action on their mobile phone searches.

The video below will help you get educated on how Yelp reviews actually work. It's important that you learn the system so you can make sure your top customer reviews stick on your Yelp pages and go right to the top.



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By Trevor Sumner

 Founder and CEO, LocalVox

Trevor is a technologist and product marketer with 15 years of management experience in digital, social media and mobile technology.